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Best of Chinatown 2016

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Best of Chinatown 2016

My father and my grandfather had a hand laundry on the North Side of Chicago in the Ravenswood Manor area. My grandfather used to take my sister and me down to Chinatown for shopping. It was a weekly activity. That’s what people who work in the laundry business do—they used their one day off to come to Chinatown to make connections with their relatives, friends, to socialize with each other, and to catch up on what’s happening back in their village in China

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Experiencing China ... in Chicago

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Experiencing China ... in Chicago

By Bobby Tanzilo
Published July 19, 2016 9:03 a.m.

The Windy City has a vibrant and fun Chinatown neighborhood just south of Downtown, but there are other ways to experience Chinese culture in Chicago, too.

Here are some ways visitors of all ages can celebrate Chinese culture in Chicago.

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Love Chinese culture, "Yang Emperor" interview Zhicheng Chinese director Huo Weishan Museum

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热爱中国文化的“洋皇帝” 专访芝城华裔博物馆董事霍伟善

芝加哥侨报周末--Dec 16, 2015,17:58


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Malaysia, China, Chicago

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Malaysia, China, Chicago: A Surgeon’s Vision Brings a Chinatown Museum to Life

August 17, 2015

The Chicago Community Trust Staff

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Dr. Kim K. Tee, one of the six founders of theChinese American Museum of Chicago, came from modest beginnings. One of 13 children born to Chinese refugees who fled to Malaysia, Dr. Tee credits education, working hard—and most importantly, luck. As someone who has donated his time in a variety of ways, the orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon has helped create a legacy for the Chinese community in Chicago and supported causes around the world, too.

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Chinese-American cookbook gathers recipes from Chicago families

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\"Have You Eaten Yet?\" is the apt title of a new community cookbook published by the Chinese-American Museum of Chicago.

\"Food is very essential in the culture,\" says Anita Luk, the museum\'s executive director. \"When we gather together we eat. When we see each other, one of the regular greetings is, \'Have you eaten yet?\' It is a way of saying hello.\"

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