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1853: The "Falcon" Chinese show up in Chicago

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The researcher Terry Goldsworthy has tracked down more information relative to these Chinese jugglers, using data from the on-line archives of the Chicago Tribune.  They appeared in Chicago in 1853.   In his latest article, Goldsworthy suggests that

The troupe that performed in Chicago in July of 1853, having “been in the country nearly a year”, may be the “troupe of Chinese Jugglers” that the December 14th, 1852 issue of the Chicago Daily Tribune states was “lately brought to New Orleans” via the steamship Falcon. The “company” was comprised “of twenty persons, male and female” in New Orleans whereas, the “China Troupe” that performed in Chicago in 1853 was comprised of thirteen “brethren”.

We believe that Goldsworthy is right in connecting John Dorming and his companions with this 1853 troupe.

Research & writing by Ben Bronson and Chuimei Ho; copyright 2004-2006 by the Chinatown Museum Foundation.