Aug 7: Lecture Presented by Andrew Singer “Sailing to Cathay: Maritime Trade Routes to Asia Before and After the Arrival of the Europeans at the Turn of the Sixteenth Century”

This lecture explores the vibrant maritime trade routes that existed in the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, and South China Sea before and after the arrival of the Europeans in Asia at the turn of the sixteenth century. Maritime trade routes were the global highways of the ancient world carrying commodities, art, ideas, people, and religion between Europe and Asia, with significant societal impacts felt at both ends.

About Andrew:

Andrew Singer is a writer and speaker about China, a traveler, history lover, collector of books and Chinese snuff bottles, and by day, a land use and environmental permitting lawyer on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. He dreamt about China from a young age and spent a year in China during college in the mid 1980’s. He has been a Chinese translator with the U.S. government. He has skydived, hiked the Salkantay Trail in Peru, and camped on the Great Wall of China.

Andrew writes a twice-monthly newsletter on China, America, and cross-cultural connections here.

His website can be found here. His email is

Date: Saturday, August 7, 2021
Time: 2pm CT
Location: Zoom

You can watch the recording on our YouTube channel here