New Year by Rich Lo


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Moving is hard enough – but to a whole new country?

A young boy and his family have just come to Los Angeles from Hong Kong. They live below Dodgers stadium – so cool. But things at school, not so much. Only one other student in class can speak Chinese, so the young boy can barely understand what’s going on. And these kids are so different.

One day the teacher decides the class is going to decorate their classroom. The boy loves art, finally something he is good at! Since it is almost Chinese New Year, the boy decides that is going to be his project. Lanterns, paper firecrackers, dragon boats – all the wonderful memories come back, and his artwork is gorgeous. Everyone goes crazy for it.

And suddenly, the boy sees he’s not so different after all.

Bursting with color and celebration, Lo’s beautiful book is personal yet universally appealing.

About the author:
Rich Lo is a professional artist. Born in Canton, China, to an artistic family, his father, Lo Tok, was a famous Chinese opera composer before the family immigrated to the United States. After attending Eastern Illinois University, Lo has worked on packaging and ads for national brands, books, and large installations in public buildings.