The All-American Crew by Russell N. Low


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On January 23, 2943, a B-24 Liberator bomber and its crew of ten men disappeared without a trace in New Guinea. Their families never knew what happened to them. Now, 80 years later, their long-forgotten letters and dusty photographs finally tell their story in The All-American Crew.

Stanley Low did not want to be a hero and would not have welcomed the description. A Chinese American kid from Salem, Oregon, who wasn’t yet old enought to vote or drink beer, Stan joined the army because there was a war on and it was his duty. As Stan trains to become a bomber nose gunner and heads into combat, he experiences loneliness, racism, his first beer, his first romance, and the horrors of war.

Stan also forms a tight bond with his crewmates, who come from every American ethnicity and walk of life, including Irish American pilot Scott Regan and Jewish American bombardier Jerome Lesser. These ten men – rich and poor, from old American families and recent immigrants – form an all-American crew whose dedication to their country and their team elevates them above their inidividual differences.

As the war heats up, Stan, his crewmates, and many other hastily trained bomber crews fly off dirt runways in the South-Pacific tropics, thousands of miles from the nearest allied base, fighting the relentless forces of the Japanese Empire. The loss of life mounts at an alarming rate as many crews fail to return from missions. Those who survive quickly learn to fight. As Stan and his crew fly toward their final rendezvous with destiny, they are willing to sacrifice everything for their country and each other.

Celebrating American diversity and ideals of honor, bravery, and freedom, The All-American Crew is a magnificent true story of men at war.

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