Three Chinese Temples In California by Chuimei Ho and Bennet Bronson


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The three oldest Chinese temples in the United States are in Northern California. In terms of historical importance and beauty, no other nineteenth-century Chinese temple in the Western Hemisphere comes close to these three.

Three Chinese Temples in California throws open the doors to these extraordinary religious structures, making them accessible to history buffs, armchair tourists, and anyone interested in Chinese culture in America.

Based on firsthand original research and detailed knowledge of Chinese folk religion and illustrated with over 150 color images, this book sets new standards as a guide to traditional Chinese American temples, religious art, and community history.

About the authors:
Chuimei Ho and Bennet Bronson hold PhDs in history and anthropology. They have written extensively on Southeast and East Asian historic archaeology, and on the history of Chinese in North America. They currently coedit the website of the Chinese in Northwest Research Committee,