Three Tough Chinamen by Scott D. Seligman




At the turn of the 20th century Chinese Americans lived in a defensive crouch hemmed in by prejudice and restrictive laws. But author Scott D. Seligman tells, in exciting detail, the true story of three scrappy and ambitious brothers who fought hard for their share of the American dream. Activists who rose to prominence and spoke out against injustice, these men made waves and broke barriers. They defied laws to defend their interested and tore down the walls that separated them from the rest of society.

About the author:
Scott D. Seligman is a writer and historian. He has lived in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China. He holds degrees from Princeton and Harvard, and is the author of Dealing with the Chinese and Chinese Business Etiquette and co-author of The Cultural Revolution Cookbook and Now You’re Talking Mandarin Chinese.