Very! Very! Vegetarian! by Chen-Hsia Wang


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Vegetarian cooking has grown in popularity as the desire for a healthier life style has expanded. The variety of vegetarian dishes available today provides the nutrition equal to any diet containing meat, but is much easier to digest and absorb. The health benefits of vegetarian diets are widely recognized and accepted. The author, Ms. Wang, President of The First Vegetarian Food Company, has been supplying special vegetarian ingredients to supermarkets in California since 1979. Her knowledge and experience of vegetarian ingredients make this book a must for the reader who wishes to enjoy the benefits of vegetarian food.

This book contains 43 vegetarian dishes, including appetizers, rice/noodle dishes and soups. Cooking methods range from stir-frying, cooking in sauce, braising, frying, steaming, baking, and deep-frying. Every recipe is illustrated with a full color photo, plus 40 small photos depicting special ingredients. This book should help the reader achieve a healthier diet.