Dear Friends of the Chinese American Museum of Chicago:

Your support in the form of a membership, sponsorship, a donation of cash, an artifact, or time, helps us to accomplish our mission to advance the appreciation of Chinese American history and culture through exhibitions, education, and research, and to preserve the past, present and future of Chinese Americans focusing primarily in the Midwest. Please consider a donation to the Chinatown Museum Foundation to help us meet our financial needs and achieve our vision to work with organizations, visitors and community leaders everywhere to tell the story of Chinese Americans and to create a dialogue illustrating how Chinese American culture and history are an important part of the American fabric. Here are the various ways …



Please make checks payable to CHINATOWN MUSEUM FOUNDATION.

Mail to:

Chinese American Museum of Chicago

238 W. 23rd Street

Chicago, IL 60616

Other Ways to Support


Are you 73 years or older, and required to take a required minimum distribution (RMD) from your IRA? You can use a donation to the Chinatown Museum Foundation to count toward this RMD. The following is what you need to set up charitable distribution:
  • For traditional IRAs only.
  • The distribution must be made directly to the Chinatown Museum Foundation; that way, it is not added to your taxable Adjusted Gross Income.
  • Ask your IRA administrator to distribute a designated amount (up to a maximum of $100,000/year) as a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) to Chinatown Museum Foundation.


When considering a gift to the Chinese American Museum of Chicago, donors often think of giving cash. However, because of the enhanced tax benefits, we can accept publicly traded stock gifts.

Please notify the Executive Director, for stock instructions. If you gift CAMOC with a stock certificate that is already in your name, please call us for a stock power document. Your stock certificate will have to be signed and dated by those whose names are on the certificate, and we will need a brief note indicating your intentions of transferring the stock to CAMOC.

Please email at

To be eligible to receive a tax deduction for the current tax year, you need to complete your stock donation by December 31. Keep in mind that a stock donation is recorded on the day it’s received by the charity, not the day you submit the transfer request. The end-of-year period is especially busy for stock brokerages and charities, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead. When you file your federal taxes, you must report your stock donation on IRS Form 8283, which is the form for non-cash charitable contributions. You’ll file this form with your tax return for the year you donated the stock.


A gift to the Chinatown Museum Foundation in your will or living trust will be used to ensure the exhibitions, stories and culture of the Chinese Americans will continue after your lifetime.

Please contact our Executive Director for additional questions.


A personalized Glass Brick handsomely inset in the Donor Wall of our Reception area to recognize an in individual, family or organization. Each glass brick is laser-engraved and gold color-filled. Bricks come in two sizes: Level One donation is $1,000 for a brick that measures 4″ x 8 “; and Level Two donation of $5,000 or more for a brick that measures 8” x 8 “.


As a relatively new organization, CAMOC relies on the generosity of the greater Chicago community for its physical objects. Historical objects, documents, photographs, etc. all play an important part in telling our story. If you have any objects related to the Chinese-American experience in the Midwest, please consider making a permanent donation to our Museum.

CAMOC takes very seriously its responsibility for the appropriate care of your donation. Because we have limited space and resources for storage of objects, please keep in mind that we will only accept objects we can properly care for.

In addition to physical objects, CAMOC has an ongoing oral history project and would like to hear your family story.

For more information on being interviewed for our archives, or to donate objects, please contact us at 312-949-1000, or email


The Chinese American Museum of Chicago is always looking for dedicated, reliable, and energetic individuals who would like to experience our historic institution from the inside—as volunteers! All applicants who are members get first priority for interviews, so becoming a member is highly encouraged!
Requirements: Fluency in English is required. Fluency in Mandarin and/or Cantonese is a strong plus.


Docents help provide guided tours through our museum for reserved groups on an as-needed basis. Interested persons are placed on our call list and will be contacted with as much notice as possible.


Greeters help at our front desk and greeter station on the second floor. These volunteers are the face of the museum to both our members and the public, making sure that everyone who walks through our entrance is greeted warmly and has the information they need to make their museum experience enjoyable. This may require an ability to stand for periods of time as volunteers proactively move through their assigned floor looking for visitors who may need their help. Greeters are encouraged to commit to a regular schedule.


The Museum frequently hosts or rents out its venue for special events. Volunteers are needed to help with setting up before and clearing up after special events, especially with helping with registration, ushering guests, etc. Interested persons are placed on our call list and will be contacted with as much notice as possible. Regularly scheduled greeters may also volunteer for special events.

Please download a volunteer form and e-mail it to the address below.

Phone: (312) 949-1000



For more information, please contact us at 312-949-1000, or email

The Chinatown Museum Foundation is a 501 (c)3 organization. Please consult with your financial, tax, and legal advisors on how best to donate to the Chinatown Museum Foundation.