“Building Community, Chinatown Style” by Gordon Chin

Saturday, September 28, 2019 at 2 PM – 4 PM

Please join us on September 28th for “Building Community, Chinatown Style” book talk by Gordon Chin.

“Building Community, Chinatown Style” tells the story of generations of young activist leaders who have transformed San Francisco Chinatown for the better, while also building developing themselves into important city-wide leaders. These budding activists set out to improve Chinatown in many ways to address many longstanding neighborhood and community issues. Along the way, they created major change and also changed public policy on housing, transportation, public space and culture.
Gordon Chin, nationally recognized community leader and activist, tells the compelling story of the rise of civic and community power in San Francisco’s Chinatown from the 1960s through the election of a Chinese American mayor in 2011. This grass roots community leadership has made San Francisco a model for community development across the country. Building Community, Chinatown Style offers an insider’s account of the community development activists and organizations that significantly shaped life in San Francisco and created long-lasting meaningful and positive social change.
This is a FREE event, but RSVP is required.


Learn more about the book: https://www.chinatowncdc.org/news-events/in-the-news/building-community-chinatown-style-by-gordon-chin