Chinese @ Play: Toys, Games, and Leisure Activities


1st floor Gallery

Chinese @ Play

The origins of games played in Western culture today are still hotly debated. The Chinese are often credited with inventing many games played today in the United States. Examples include weiqi (go), Chinese chess, playing cards, tangram puzzles, and of course, mah jong. Chinese games were first brought to world attention in Chicago when they were prominently featured at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition.

From September 26, 2010, the Chinese-American Museum of Chicago will entertain visitors of all ages with its exhibition Chinese @ Play: Toys, Games, and Leisure Activities. The exhibition will include selections from the vast range of Chinese at play, including a collection of fabulous kites, a 60 foot dragon, Chinese musical instruments, board games and games of chance, and puppets as well as videos demonstrating how to make kites, diabolos, and how to expertly use the shuttlecock. Demonstrations on kite making and special activities for children such as the making of some Chinese toys are planned.

Discover the playful side of Chinese culture and civilization. Be sure to bring the whole family.