February 5: UNITY, Maggie Wong Opening Reception

Join us for the exciting opening of our new Spotlight Series Exhibition UNITY, Maggie Wong’s first solo exhibition in Chicago!

About the event

About the Exhibit:

The Spotlight Series at the Chinese American Museum of Chicago is pleased to present UNITY, Maggie Wong’s first solo exhibition in Chicago.

Through various manipulations of newsprint via sculptural and print interventions pulled from the artist’s collection of Unity Newspaper, the show depicts a version of childcare that supported revolutionary action, particularly the publishing of Unity by the League of Revolutionary Struggle, a radical communist group that emerged in 1978 upon the merger between the August 29th Movement, a Chicano revolutionary organization, and I Wor Kuen, an Asian American revolutionary organization, both influenced by Mao and followed Marxist-Leninist thought.

This system is what raised the artist and countless other now-grown adults that now serves as a point of departure to feel through a movement as a mothering environment.

About the Artist:

Maggie Wong (b.1988, Oakland, CA) is a visual artist attuned to materiality and sculpture’s disciplinary capacity to shape social space. She creates multidisciplinary works that focus on care labor, sentimentality, and collectivity. As a teacher. Maggie is interested in the interplay between informal and experiential education amidst formal art ecologies. She holds an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). She is currently the Educator-in-Residence at the Luminary, and lecturer at SAIC. Her work has been shown at Mana Contemporary Chicago, Comfort Station, Annas Projects, take care (LA), Temple Contemporary, YBCA, and 99cent Plus, and has been written about in ArtForum and Sixty Inches from Center. Her writing has been published by Yale University Press, Viral Ecologies, and the Journal of Art Practice.