May 12: MOCA Treasures on the Road with Soo Lon Moy and Andrea Stamm from CAMOC

CAMOC’s Immediate Past President and Chair of Exhibitions Committee, Soo Lon Moy, with Chair of Collections and Research, Andrea Stamm, join Museum of Chinese in America for their Treasures on the Road series Wednesday, May 12, from 4:00-5:00pm CDT.

This intimate virtual conversation highlights distinct artifacts, antiques, and collectibles held by members of the MOCA community from around the world. Guests share their special artifact and the stories behind them while engaging in conversation with an expert scholar or professional. The goal of the program series is to bring out the depth and vastness of the Chinese American narrative to the MOCA community. MOCA Treasures captures stories of celebration, hardship, family travels, immigration, discrimination, diaspora, survival, success, and so much more.

We are honored to present our next featured experts: Soo Lon Moy, Immediate Past President of the Chinese American Museum of Chicago (CAMOC), and Andrea Stamm, Chair of Collections and Research, a participating organization of MOCA’s recent special exhibition Gathering: Collecting and Documenting Chinese American History. Ms. Moy, chair of the Exhibition Committee, and Ms. Stamm, chair of Collections and Research, will be in conversation with Andrew Rebatta, MOCA’s Associate Curator, about the role of CAMOC in preserving the history of the Chinese community in Chicago, as well as two featured artifacts: Lama Temple incense from the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair, A Century of Progress, and a rare 1942 adoption document from a local Chinatown family.

Register for the free event here.