My Chinatown: Stories from Within

Second Floor – My Chinatown: Stories from Within

Thanks to a generous grant from the Chicago Community Trust, the Chinese American Museum of Chicago is collaborating with the Chicago History Museum to bring its wonderful object theater and 16-minute video My Chinatown to the Chinese American Museum of Chicago! Hear the stories of the people of Chinatown – their journeys, their customs, their work, their families – from within Chinatowns borders.

CAMOC is adding a special feature to the exhibit: a look at family associations in Chinatown. As an outgrowth of the Chicago Chinatown Centennial Exhibit, we will be highlighting, on a rotating basis, the histories and artifacts of various family associations, including the Lees, the Wongs, and more.

My Chinatown: Stories from Within is now open in the second floor gallery.

Hear the people of Chinatown tell their own stories, right in the heart of their neighborhood

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