Oct 28: 2020 Annual Fundraiser

We need your help now more than ever! Join us online for our first ever virtual annual fundraiser, with prizes, music from the Tuvergen Band, stories from volunteers, staff, and board members, and many more performances. We need your support as we work to reflect on Chinese American heritage and build a legacy for generations to come.

Date: Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Time: 7 – 8:15pm CDT
Location: YouTube
Join here: http://bit.ly/camoc-fundraiser2020
In the meantime, check out the videos on CAMOC’s YouTube channel here.

Scroll down to see a list of prizes for the top five donors:


Three Coins: A Young Girls Story of Kidnapping, Slavery, and Romance in 19th Century America by Russell N. Low ($15 value)

When Ah Ying is kidnapped, she must escape from her life of slavery, while being pursued by gangs and missionaries, in order to find true love in San Francisco’s Chinatown at the turn of the 20th century. Ah Ying is only 9 years old when she awakens in the hold of a ship bound for America. Sold by her family for a few Chinese yuan, she is beaten and burned as a child slave in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Her defiant survival allows Ah Ying to take control of her life, as she finds romance, is rescued by missionaries and is given a new life at the Mission Home. Life is good until her rescuers become her captors and she is again forced to flee to be with her beloved Gee Sung. What ensues is a race between her love for Gee Sung, the Tong highbinders that want to enslave her, and the Presbyterian Missionaries that want to save her soul. “Three Coins” is based upon a true story that touches upon the themes of human trafficking, immigration, cultural and racial discrimination, violence, and romance that are as relevant today as they were 140 years ago.


Growing up in Chicago’s Chinatown: The Stories of Raymond Lee by Chuimei Ho and Raymond Lee ($22 value)

Growing Up in Chicago’s Chinatown: The Stories of Raymond Lee honors Raymond Lee’s contributions to the community and to the Chinese American Museum of Chicago. This first-person memoir gives an insider’s recounting of the history of Chicago Chinatown.


Dove of the East China Journey Trinket Box ($40 value)
Each of the six drawers contains one small gold organza bag with charms and embellishments:

– Three Jadeite Amulets
– Six Chinese Coins
– Six Shell Tags
– Two Jumping Carp Pendants
– Three Dragonflies, Three Tiny Keys
– Three Fleur de Lis Hearts, Three Made with Love Hearts


My Burberry Black Eau de Parfum and Body Lotion Set ($60 value)
50 ml Eau de Parfum and 75 ml Body Lotion

Floral perfume from British brand Burberry, fusing the scent of sun-drenched jasmine flower and peach nectar with a sensual touch of rose. The iconic rose note at the heart is given a sweet and inviting candied twist, while rich amber patchouli rounds off the scent for a deep and captivating finish.


Official Major League Baseball signed by Chicago Cubs Outfielder #12 Kyle Schwarber ($150 value)
Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity