Chinatown in Chicago: A Visitor’s Guide to its History and Architecture by Bennet Bronson, Joe Chiu, and Chuimei Ho


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This guidebook on Chicago Chinatown is the second publication from the Chinese American Museum of Chicago offered to the public.

52 pages
Color photographs and maps

About the authors:
Bennet Bronson, Ph.D. is an advisor for the Museum between 2002 and 2009, Ben has assembled the photographs and prepared much of the text for this book. He was one of the authors for the Museum’s first publication, Chinese in Chicago 1870-1945. He retired from The Field Museum’s Anthropology Department in 2008 as its Asian Curator.

Joe Chiu is a Board member since 2005 and a former Treasurer for the Chinatown Museum Foundation. Joe’s Chinatown experience goes back to the 1970s when he was involved in providing free English classes and other services to new immigrants. He has provided invaluable advice and perspective for the book. He makes a living in the IT field.

Chuimei Ho, Ph.D. is a founder and the first President of the Chinatown Museum Foundation from 2001 through 2006. Chuimei has been an active author and planner for this book. She was an author and co-editor for the Museum’s first publication, Chinese in Chicago 1870-1945. She has had training in art history, archaeology, and social work.