Enough About Me: The Unexpected Power of Selflessness by Richard Lui




Choice by choice, step by step, the path to a more satisfying and fulfilling journey is right here in the people around us.

When his father became sick, Richard Lui did something tough: the MSNBC news anchor set aside his growing career to care for family. In this fascinating experiment into what it really means to live a fulfilling life, Lui shares the lessons he learned from striving to live selflessly and the way this small shift can lead to greater joy and purpose.

In every decision, big and small, Lui discovered hidden opportunities to put others ahead of himself. In ways similar to training our physical muscles, he shares the secrets to training our decision-making muscles to choose others over ourselves to find unexpected fulfillment as well as renewed balance in our lives.

Writing from his journalistic point of view, Lui digs into stories collected from his seven-year “selfless” exploration. He offers practical tips, tools, and mnemonics to help shift the way we think and live, including the following:

  • Selfless decision methods and practices for work, home, relationships, and community
  • Studies and research that demonstrate the personal benefits of being selfless
  • A pragmatic debate on whether selflessness is even possible
  • Practical, bite-sized ways to live selflessly
  • Entertaining stories that will inspire you to selflessness

Lui demonstrates the simple, transformative truth that small choices toward selflessness are not a compromise, but are instead the way to a more satisfying life.

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