The Moy Association Building, 1928 & 1932

The Chicago Landmarks website says that Henry Sierks was the architect and that the building was started in 1912.  However, this seems to us impossible.  Sierks, whose buildings go back to the 1880s, must have retired before the 1920s, and yet until then there was no Chinese activity on Wentworth Avenue south of 22nd Street.  Hence we believe that Sierks cannot have designed this particular structure, and certainly not as early as 1912 when Chinese had just begun to move to the South Side Chinatown.  Perhaps another building is meant — conceivably the one that was demolished to make space for the Moy Association Building.
[The AIA Guide to Chicago confirms this.  It says the present building, located at 2238 S. Wentworth Ave., was erected in 1928 with the upper floors being added in 1932.  The architects were Michaelson and Rognstad.]
The Moys’ building bears a number of similarities to the Won Kow Restaurant and the Pui Tak/ On Leong Building, including an impressive third-floor balcony and the use of Midwestern tile in quasi-Chinese style (probably also from the Teco Co.) to decorate a brick facade.  The green, yellow, and white of the densely ornamented tiles against the buff color of the brick produce a striking effect, making the Moy Association Building one of the most handsome in Chinatown.

Between 1933 and the 1980s, the ground floor of the building housed the for-profit Ling Long Museum, some of whose exhibits have come to the Chinese-American Museum.  It is now the Emperor’s Choice Restaurant.

Moy Association building

Moy Association closeup