The Moy Family

Moy Dong Family

Family photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Dong Yee Moy, Chicago, 1912. Mr. Moy was one of the three brothers said to have founded the first Chinatown in Chicago.

Photo courtesy of Dong Yee Moy’s grandson, Mr. Jeffrey Moy.

Moy Wives

The wives and children of the three Moy brothers in ca. 1915, with Ms. Dong Yee Moy on the left.  It was most unusual for one Chinese-American family to have so many women in the U.S.  Poorer, less influential men had to leave their wives and children back in China.

Photo courtesy of Ruth Moy.

American Moys

Americanization in the second Moy generation, ca. 1920. Several of the same children shown in the above photograph appear here in their American school clothes.

Photo courtesy of Ruth Moy.

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