The Political Side of the Fair

Chinese-Americans in the Midwest saw the World’s Columbian Exposition not only as an extraordinary event but also as an opportunity to assert their rights as Americans and their identity as Chinese.  The following notice appeared in the same newspaper as the comments on Hong Sling and his colleagues.
“We wish once again to call the attention of the English speaking Chinese of the United States, that they should send us their address as soon as possible so that we could notify members of the “Chinese Equal Rights Club” here that a sufficient number have been heard from to justify them for the necessary preparations of a national conference in Chicago during the great World’s Fair, so that you could come here with a double purpose, that of seeing one of the grandest sights of your life and inaugurating one of the greatest movements the Chinese ever had in this or any other country.  You will then have an opportunity to elect your own national leaders to fight for your own rights.  The great Fair alone is worth many times your fare and half of your one year’s earnings to see, as every nation on earth is truthfully represented.
“Address all communications to Editor Chinese American, 283 South Clark Street, Chicago, Ill.”