Have You Eaten Yet? Family Recipes from Friends of the Chinese American Museum Of Chicago Raymond B. & Jean T. Lee Center


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“Have you eaten yet?” is a common greeting to guests as they arrive at a Chinese home. Sometimes guests bring fruit and pastries or other beloved family dishes to share. Food plays a key role in Chinese life and culture. Chinese cuisine is blessed by an incredible variety of cooking styles, ingredients, methods of preparation, and is well known for its regional differences.

The recipes in this cookbook often represent family celebrations, festivals, and memories, but especially the love of eating and cooking Chinese food. Our contributors come from members of the Chinese-American Museum of Chicago, friends and family members, restaurant owners, a famous Chinese cookbook author, a tofu factory owner, a Texas daughter who shared family recipes from historic Chicago restaurants, a chop suey afficianado and a federal judge. Contributors also include immigrants from other parts of the world and their descendants.

We invite you to use the recipes and even put your own spin on them. After all, that’s the challenge and pleasure of Chinese cooking. As the Chinese moved from place to place, they had to find alternative ingredients if they couldn’t find what was traditionally used.

106 pages with 2 blank pages for notes
Color photographs