Three Coins: A Young Girl’s Story of Kidnappings, Slavery, and Romance in 19th Century America by Russell N. Low


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When Ah Ying is kidnapped, she must escape from her life of slavery while being pursued by highbinders and missionaries in order to find true love in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Ah Ying is only 9 years old when she awakens in the hold of a ship bound for America. Sold by her family for a few Chinese yuan, she is beaten and burned as a child slave in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Her defiant survival allows Ah Ying to take control of her life as she finds romance, is rescued by missionaries and is given a new life at the Mission Home. Life is good until her rescuers become her captors, and she is again forced to flee to be with her beloved Gee Sung. What ensues is a race between her love for Gee Sung, the Tong highbinders that want to enslave her, and the Presbyterian Missionaries that want to save her soul.

About the author:
Russell Lowe is a writer with a passion for discovery and storytelling. Discovering the 1903 Hong family photograph among the belongings of 100-year-old great Uncle Kim sparked a decades-long search for the stories behind the photograph. These are the stories presented in Three Coins. His family’s story has been featured on the History Channel, National Public Radio, and the Voice of America.